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System Information

AtSoftware DMS is a modern solution to manage documents and files. The application does not require installation because it is accessible through a standard web browser. Developed based on years of experience in the field of archiving documents. Simple and fast interface and flexibility of the system allows it to be used in different areas of business such as marketing, sales, accounting or IT.

AtSoftware DMS has been created in order to completely meet the needs of companies in the areas of digitization of documents and file processing. Built on Asp.Net technology supports the management and processing of documents which saves time and money.

Advantages AtSoftware DMS

Cost reduction

No client installation

Easy to use

Cooperation with other systems

Publication of documents

No loss of documents


System DMS

AtSoftware DMS provides a very fast and efficient searching of documents through the use of multi-purpose search engine. Employees of individual areas can quickly find the current version of the document, which clearly translates into increased productivity.

DMS system is divided into 3 main areas - like structure of directories and files on your computer.

The directory is the basic unit for holding data. It may comprise any number of documents. For each directory, we can determine the appropriate permissions (access, save, edit, delete).

Documents included in the directory. In the document we place basic information about its characteristics. We can determine the type (invoice, contract, etc ...) the date and assigned to the contractor. For each document, we can identify the tags, so that we can quickly and easily accelerate the search in the database. To documents also add files that are physical files from your hard drive. We can further give specific permissions (access, edit, delete).

The files are loaded from computer workers and loaded into the DMS. For each document, you can add any number of files.

You can create any definition documents and determining the position that the document will have.

For each object (Directory, Document), we have the ability to grant specific permissions eg. write, edit, delete.

To add documents to the system we have a lot of data channels. The main channel is a web browser. Creating a document in the archive can upload files directly from the form. The second channel is access e-mail box. You can configure the system to receive mail from the box and placed defined in the appropriate directory.

For each document, you can assign some information which will specify the type of document and from whom this document comes from.

For each user in the system may be assigned space. When you add a document, the system checks whether the employee has a free space in the archive.

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Presentation See the presentation of the system

System requirements

The system is built AtSoftware DMS technology Asp.Net

Server Installation:

  • Intel or AMD
  • Windows operating system
  • Server IIS Internet Information Services
  • 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon lub AMD
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • 50GB free hard disk space
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2008 / 2005